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music to help you sleep?

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    anybody know any good relaxing songs that might help me to sleep?
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    Hmmm...I reccomend anything by Portishead, Lamb, Zero 7 or Emiliana Torrini.
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    its not exactly music but radio 4 knocks me out
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    Hrm...the a few songs of my 'going to sleep' playlist are:

    Loch Lomond - The Corries (nothing like a bit of mournful scottish folk to send you to sleep. Avoid bagpipes in this context though)
    Unomathemba - Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Something about the harmonies and the deep voices...)
    Utrus Horas - Orchestra Baobab (initially this sounds very slightly more upbeat than the rest, but there's a kinda deeper underlying rhythm to it)

    A lot of Ali Farka Toure's pretty good as well. Just avoid some of the more manic african guitar bits
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    The album Eingya by Helios is fantastic, whether you want to go to sleep or not, but I can imagine it'd be nice to listen to when you go to sleep.
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    The song Blankets Of Night by Hammock. Anything by Stars Of The Lid or The Dead Texan. I usually fall asleep listening to punk rock though.
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    Anything by Enya
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    (Original post by fleur de lis)
    Anything by Enya
    Only because it's so very boring
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    Haha, yeh it's a bit samey, but it's nice calm background music
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    (Original post by PinkPigeon)
    Zero 7
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    Google: Kelly Howell or Brain Sync

    I got really good sleep when I listened the healing sound which my brother d/loaded.
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    Hem - Rabbit Songs is a beautiful album for falling asleep to.
    Actually it's just a beautiful album full stop.
    Although I think the best music for falling asleep to is something you're very familiar with, if it's newish to you you might think about it too much.
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    Heres a few that always knock me out

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvsp39URj_A "Sittin On A Dock Of The Bay"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bTlZDZOj-8 "Im Only Sleeping"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V41LYparBmw "Kiss From A Rose"

    Try those for now Even though you probably wont need to until tonight!
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    Why don't you try to listen to "BLISS" (The Band... Not Muse's Song)... The album "One hundred Angels" Is soooooooo relaxing... ^^
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    A Silver Mt Zion.. stars of the lid.. Hrsta.. Anoice... the dead texan.. bright red paper... find links to them all here: http://afterthepostrock.com
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    You can't sleep with music on, but the new Kaiser Chiefs album could send anybody to sleep.
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    (Original post by Steezy20)
    You can't sleep with music on
    I seem to manage most nights...
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    (Original post by Steezy20)
    You can't sleep with music on, but the new Kaiser Chiefs album could send anybody to sleep.
    or annoy 'em to death :p: and music helps me sleep all the time...

    I've had a listen to a few of the bands and Emiliana Torrini worked quite well
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    I sometimes listen to Broken Social Scene late at night, not always very effective but they're a good band...
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    That Ladysmith Black Mambazo song they used to have on the Heinz adverts would be well good for getting to sleep...Lighthouse Family songs...Mozart's Clarinet Concerto In A (Adagio)...Gluck's Dance Of The Blessed Spirits...a lot of classical stuff!


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