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What happens if you can't do an exam cause ur sick?

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    Hi, I dont know why i've been so unlucky but since thursday night I've had a fever and its been getting worse. I can barely get out of bed and my economics exam is tomorrow. Ontop of this I havent studied ANY economics cause i left it for these 5 days before the exam - i thought that would be plenty since i'm standard. What EXACTLY happens if I am simply unable to make the exam?! am I automatically going to fail the IB!?
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    No, no you won't be failing the IB if you can show the IB that were genuinely sick. You'll need medical reports and a whole bunch of other documents, but the most important thing you do is to get into contact with your IB coordinator. You will either sit your exam before the may06 results are released, or you will have to sit the exam during the november session.

    But remember, getting into contact with your IBC is VITAL!! Hopefully you can prove that you were very unwell and barely able to move let alone study and sit an exam.
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    Yes, do not panic! You will not fail IB simply because you were unable to sit an exam due to illness. Ditto on the contact your IBC and doctor, and tell someone about it. Don't turn up afterwards and just be like 'Oh yeah, I was sick.' Make sure it's all worked out ASAP.

    Good luck, hopefully you'll get better and be able to sit it later this week or some time soon.
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    MY IBC said you have to be really really sick to skip an exam. And if you are you need to give in a doctor's letter complete with symptoms and diagnosis as soon as possible. If you come and do the exam when you're sick, tell your IBC to send a letter saying that you were very sick when you were doing the exam.

    Get well! and good luck!
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    I think you need to get a letter from you doctor ASAP to say you were too ill to attend an exam (also state the duration of your illness too). Then you need to contact your IBC as soon as possible, since your exam is tomorrow. It will look a bit bad if 5 days later (the end of examination period) you give in a letter to say you were sick.

    Good luck!!
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    Just try not to be sick..

    Just jokin.. hope u get better soon!!

    Btw I'm very amazed by how social most IB students are.. so caring and.. OMG hold on - isn't that part of the official IBO mission statement?! Dang!! They turned us into better humans, seeee??
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    hahah.. good one azamat bagatov..
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    A friend of mine had chicken pox and still had to write his English exam. Get healthy quick, because having to write your exam in November will be bizznitch.
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    wow, i was actually just going to post about this...

    today my boyfriend got really, really severely cut and actually had to get a hospital transfer to somewhere with a plastic surgeon to fix his right arm.
    so basically, he won't be writing anything with that arm this wednesday, aka the french exam.
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    Last year we had one girl who got sick and the IBC told her that she either had to do it now whilst sick or wait til november.

    Last year a kid broke his right arm before the exams and couldnt write so we had to get a teacher to write his exams for him whilst he dictated everything. Must have sucked
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    (Original post by Kongo)
    Last year a kid broke his right arm before the exams and couldnt write so we had to get a teacher to write his exams for him whilst he dictated everything. Must have sucked
    That's amazing. I know some people who would break their arms to dictate teachers what to write. It would be very useful for business exam and other ones where you have to write a lot.
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    (Original post by Kongo)
    Last year a kid broke his right arm before the exams and couldnt write so we had to get a teacher to write his exams for him whilst he dictated everything. Must have sucked
    my firend broke his arm befroe swedish HL and business HL exam. He got to write on a computer/laptop... but like in notepad with no spelling functions allowed
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    writing on the computer with a broken arm must suck though. I actually get to write on a laptop for my exams cause my handwriting is crap. To start with they gave me wordpad, which is completely useless for any formatting and you dont get the same feeling for how much you write. In the end i told my IBC that i NEEDED word for my chemistry exam because of superscripts and subscripts. They removed any spellcheck though
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    ..you get to use laptops 'cause your handwriting is bad?
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    well obviously it must be at such a level of ineligibility that they think the examiner won't be able to read his handwriting. i doubt they will let a student write exams on a laptop simply because their handwriting is "bad"
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    If you get your handwriting tested at a handwritingologist (they have a proper name, cant remember what its called) and they judge that your handwriting is exceptionally bad (and would probably decrease your grade substancially in any test), they will give you an official document stating thier observations, that is passed on to the IB by your IBC, which must then be approved.

    In subjects like chem n physics it takes quite a bit longer though. for maths i dont use a comp
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    (Original post by Kongo)
    handwritingologist (they have a proper name, cant remember what its called)
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    Kongo, how exactly do they do it? I'm a bit intrigued. I mean, my handwriting is classed as very neat, but I can write to the level of troll handwriting if I wanted to. So do they compare your tested handwriting with your normal school work, or how do they know you genuinely write like that?

    (sorry TOK has manifested my brain lol)
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    Paleologist, thats it.

    Surprisingly they only look at your handwriting you do when youre there. So if you could easily fake it (at least the place i went to).

    Basically where i did it you had to do a whole package deal which included memory tests and stuff like that, so after about 2-3 hrs (of boredom) you get to the writing part. They tell you to write a story about a picture they give you. You have to use a pencil (which wasnt very sharp). I ended up probably writing worse than i would have (not intentionally) and the conclusion they came with was along the lines of "the handwriting was very difficult and strenuous to read. At times it was uncomprehensible".

    In conclusion you could probably easily cheat and get a computer. I was kinda surprised they werent strickter, in all honesty though, ive had 3 teachers continuuously comment on how horrid my handwriting is and suggest i either do something about it or see a paleontologist. I did get marked down in my 11th grade exams and mocks because of bad handwriting.
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    Hey... I just sat the exam. I was better today - well i could get out of bed! My ib coordinator was not so nice and told me it was either now or november... so yeh... considering is studied about 6 hrs for a subject i didnt pay much attention to in class, i think it was OK!


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