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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    my mentor is the young woman engineer of the year 2004
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    Subject: Industrial Engineering
    University: somewhere in Germany...lol
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    Name: Will
    Subject: Aeronautical Engineering
    University: Loughborough
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    Name: Alex
    Subject: Applying to do Chem Eng
    Uni: applying to cam, Manchester, Bath etc etc
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    Name: Andromeda
    Subject: M.Eng, Engineering with Business Mgt
    Uni: Warwick
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    Name MickyFin
    Subject Just doing my A2's will end up with (hopefully) AA at double maths A at chemistry and A at AS physics. Yes AS physics as Im going to start a year late, I was stupid and didnt start it at beginning of lower sixth
    Cource Want to do engeneering wondering if its possible with only AS physics, anywhere?
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    Name: Zohaib Z.
    Joining American University of Sharjah,(United Arab Emirates)..... planning to do either computer or electronic engineering...
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    Name: Jenn
    Subject: Computer Systems Engineering MEng
    University: Uni of Warwick
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    Name: Mark
    Subject: Engineering Science
    University: Oxford (Somerville)
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    Name: Ali
    Subject: Maths & Computer Science MSci
    Institution: Imperial College London
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    Name: Will
    Subject: Computing
    Institution: Imperial College London
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    Aerospace Engineering
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    Name: John
    Subject: MEng Aerospace Materials
    University: Imperial College London
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    Name: Kieran
    Subject: Aerospace Engineering
    Uni: Leeds
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    Name: Mikki
    Subject: BA in biology with careers in allied health
    University: University of Texas
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    Name: Karan
    Subject: Meng Mechanical engineering
    University: Queen mary
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    name: Kaan, Oliver or Oli (I get called all of them so I dont really know what to call myself)
    subject: MEng Mechatronics Eng (Im gona build robots that wash my feet :eek: )
    Uni: Manchester (or ye olde umist) Im starting this sept just on a gap year now
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    name: nancy
    subject: biomedical/chemical engineering
    uni: haven't decided yet. but most likely in the UK or Canada. (Any advice on where is good for these courses? especially biomedical..)
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    Name: Piotr
    Subject: Electronic Engineering
    Uni: Imperial

    Yeah baby!!!
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    Name: Slim
    Subject: Construction Management/Civil Engineering
    Uni: Starting in september, either Kingston or UCL

    take care bye


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