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    Not exactly a new band but they've got a new album out and I've recently discovered them and it sounds good: http://www.myspace.com/feist
    Anyone else a fan? The song "Mushaboom" features on that ad (can't remember what its for..) where this woman is changing the bed...kinda vague but then I can't really remember it. Anyway, you might recognise the song! The video is pretty good too!
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    Oooh I love Feist, she makes some great music. I'm annoyed that she let a song go on an ad, but I always take issue with that & it might have been her record label who sold it. Anyway, the last album is probably one of my favourites, really good morning music, if that makes sense. I think 'Tout Doucement' is my favourite song on that record; so bouncy, such a great piano part, so perfect! It makes me cheerful. I was worried the new one would be no good, but then I was reassured when I heard it in all its loveliness. She's a very pretty lady too. V. chic.
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    I love Feist and there is the very real danger that I might confess this love for her when I go to see her in July. She is AMAZING.
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    Feist is just one girl, not a band, correct?

    Leisure Suite is my favorite song right now.

    And yeah I thought it was random to hear Mushaboom on a TV ad!
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    (Original post by shady lane)
    Feist is just one girl, not a band, correct?

    Leisure Suite is my favorite song right now.

    And yeah I thought it was random to hear Mushaboom on a TV ad!
    Yes, feist is one person.

    I like her but some of her songs are a little cheesy though, esp. on the new album, Gatekeeper is brilliant mind.
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    Yeah I thought it was just one person...but wasn't sure.
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    Mushaboom was on the Silentnight (mattress) advert and a Lacoste one before that. The former is where I heard it first, a great happy little track. Never got round to buying the whole album though, and I've only heard what is shown on the TV advert from the new one.
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    Have any of you heard the Postal Service remix of Mushaboom? I love the original song but I think the remix is better. Her newish song 1,2,3,4 is good also.
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    Yeah the postal remix is cool! And I like the video to 1,2,3,4....it reminds me of a different bands video but I can't remember who...:p: Seems to be a recurring theme at the moment!


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