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Most elitist secondary school in the world...

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    Any of the schools under the Public Schools Act 1868, which includes Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Westminster etc... and i'm very bitter that i wasn't sent to one of these as a good 50% of my family were.
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    I think there are many elitist schools. For example Eton, Wycombe Abbey, Benenden, Downe House and Marlborough. Maybe Tonbridge and Harrow but not as much.
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    (Original post by AisAis)
    Is it just me that has a part that feels incredably jelous when they see that's what some people have as a school when you think of your own?
    Just be glad that you had your education in the real world.
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    (Original post by Lidia)
    Just be glad that you had your education in the real world.
    I am
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    Social - Eton

    Academic - Westminster/Winchester

    My daddy has got lots of money but I'm a thicky - Le Rosey (Swiss Millfield)
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    (Original post by abrp)
    sorry but MTs, Rugby and Fettes are in no way "elite".

    oooooooh ...and Le Rosey looks nice. might send my kids there . btw no one gets into Oxfrod from Le Rosey :

    Actually Fettes is quite elite. James Bond went there
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    big deal :p:
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    Le Rosey, Phillips Andover, Eton...

    Le Rosey looks very neat though :p: I prefer to get the state to pay for my education (I've mooched most of 2 years of university off them!)
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    it has to be eton for me, i was on the register but my dad a tight beggar
    so i went to a normal private school(nottingham) and i thought i was on top of the world
    but wats up wit le rosey, are they taking the michael

    The public school act is biased to schools in the south, becoz in the 19 century they didnt like to clever scottish people running the country (gordon brown)

    love capitalism, we are dicussing the most posh school amd a few threads below people are talking about not getting their EMA.
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    I would argue that the three schools you earlier specified "Harrow, St Pauls and Eton" are all elitist only in the sense you need to have a lot of money to attend them. Harrow is not massively academic however, and even Eton is always below St Pauls in the school league tables, so only really St Pauls is a challenge to get into for the bright. None are particuarly exclusive anymore in terms of social class; you only need to pass an entrance exam to get in. They are exclusive only as far as you need to be able to pay the fees, which admittedly excludes the vast majority of people,
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    (Original post by Kelv)
    Eton, they made few pupils prime ministers.
    haha nice point.... lol my former high school Royds Hall had a Prime Minister although it was a craphole when i was there
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    Le Rosey is :eek:

    Personally if my parents had an extra £30K a year rolling around and they chose to send me to school with it, I'd be worried. If you're intelligent, you'll excel wherever you go. If you're stupid, then no amount of money is going to change that.
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    (Original post by Vincente)
    I've always found grammar school students to be like this.
    Well I go to a Grammar school, and most of the pupils here are scallies, not rich kids at all. In fact, 2 thirds of my year qualify for EMA.
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    ur from liverpool
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    To the best of my knowledge, Eton. I mean, those kids are just from a different planet - no concept of reality at all.
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    (Original post by hermaphrodite)
    ur from liverpool
    Yeah so?
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    Eton. Something like 90% of their school leavers go to oxford or cambridge :O
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    Eton, definitely. Someone seems to have vandalised the Wikipedia page on Eton too: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?...ldid=137353576 .
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    (Original post by kimoso)
    Yeah so?
    #so more W/C people therefore more likely to be eligible for EMA.

    wouldnt surprise me if the % of people eligible for EMAs at a grammar school in kent or surrey was circa 10%
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    Well I go to a Grammar school, and most of the pupils here are scallies, not rich kids at all. In fact, 2 thirds of my year qualify for EMA.
    Don't know about you but this is my experience from Colchester grammar school, Chelmsford Grammar and Reading school.
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