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Questioning my course choice

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently in my First Year studying Mechanical Engineering, MEng and since the start of Semester 2 I have been doubting if i have chosen the correct course.

    Some background, at A Levels I studied maths, physics, biology and dropped chemistry at AS. Throughout A levels I always had the plan to study law... yes law. I know this is a big change from maths and sciences. I did work experience for it and built up a reasonable strong application for UCAS. However at the last minute i bottled out of sending my UCAS, if i remember correctly, because of that fact i had studied maths etc and law being so different. i had fallen in love with the romanticized version of law on the TV and even my time with the barrister, what i saw from him made me want to do it even more. Anyway instead of jumping straight into another degree i decided to take a gap year and ended up looking more into engineering, something more up my street in terms of what i studied. I managed to work at Rolls-Royce for that year, which i really enjoyed even if it was more admin and menial tasks that i undertook.

    Since starting the course, i have been really struggling with the content, have fallen very far behind. but it seems not more far behind than others on my course, they just dont seem to care as much as me and have this mind set of 'its first year, only need 40%'. 1. 40% for me is touch and go right now 2. im a perfectionist, if im gunna do something im gunning for 80% in this! im not paying all this money to achieve any less.
    I dont go to alot of my lectures as i am so far behind and as you all know with these types of courses its all building on previsous stuff so if i dont get the stuff from semester 1, theres no way i can jump in at the deep end so to speak so dont see the point in wasting hours sat in lectures of more advanced stuff when i need to get to grips with the basic stuff first.

    But the most pivotal thing that's meant im writing this post, is i was talking to my girlfriend about this and she asked if i enjoyed my course, could i live without it right not? and i generally couldnt really say yes to that. To be honest i dont care about the forces acting on a beam or any of the other dull aspects of this degree. dont get me wrong i like some bits. but not once has she heard me say, im really liking my degree, or i just had a really good lecture. And this just got me thinking...

    What do you guys think? is it just stress and the fact im really far behind causing all my doubt or am i just doing the wrong thing?


    There seem to be two issues here: should you quit your degree and should you do law instead?

    If you're not enjoying your course then there's no point continuing. As long as you leave before you start the second year, you will get a student loan for a different degree - so you might as well (if you can bear it) finish the year and can get a qualification out of it. The question is... what do you do after you leave?

    Personally I don't think there's much point doing a law degree unless you either have a strong academic interest in the law, or you're 100% sure you want to pursue a legal career. Lots of people go into law after having studied something else at university, it is very common indeed. The only real benefit to doing a law degree is that you don't then have to pay for the LPC course. Don't do a law degree just because you like the idea of it; do lots of research, look at degree course structures and read books on the module reading lists - that's the only way to find out if you're truly interested in the subject.

    It sounds more like you've fallen behind and don't really have the motivation to keep up rather than specifically having a problem with the course. I think try and catch up and finish the year, see how it goes.

    Plus engineering is a great way to get into law, well patent law, they pretty much throw those jobs at us.
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