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What sort of budget would you recommend for this trip?

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    Hoping to go interrailing this summer and hopefully my family will be nice enough to get me the interrail pass for my 21st (~£200)

    My plan is to fly from any northern airport to berlin then travel as follows:
    Berlin (3 Nights)
    Prague (2 nights)
    Salzburg (1 Night)
    Vienna (2 Nights)
    Budapest (2 Nights)
    Krakow (2 Nights)
    Warsaw (2 Nights)

    Then a flight home from warsaw.
    This could obviously change and any advice is welcome! Anywhere I should/shouldn't go in these places? Any that need more or less days?
    I plan to eat out as well as try to eat in hotels if they have kitchen facilities and would like a couple of souvenirs but nothing too extravagant. I'd say I'd like to go drinking in these places but since I may be going alone I don't think I'd be that comfortable doing that.

    (Original post by jess151)
    Hey Jess! This should be a very memorable trip if plans fall through and kudos on you for exploring more Eastern European countries. Of course me being biased I would say try and visit Sofia, but alas it is not easy to access via train

    I think you have the days spot on! However I would have preferred to be in Vienna and Warsaw for an extra day. Last time I went to Vienna I didn't get to visit Schonbrunn Palace so please make sure to do that on my behalf Also in Vienna, you are able to see Mozart's flat which has been converted to a museum. Definitley worth checking that out especially if you are a classical music buff like me!

    Warsaw, I'm sure you will visit the Royal Palace and Łazienki Park? If not then those, I would recommend.

    Really when you have limited time, do some research and try and come up with a basic plan of what you want to see and do. Also, try and invest in either a good map app which can work on the street OR a city guide. (they're not too much from say WHSmith or Amazon)

    Flights, as per many posts I've made, I reccomend EasyJet or Ryannair. They are quite useful for short intraEuropean flights such as Manchester to Tegel etc. Unless of course you have BA Avios or Miles&More lying around

    Finally souvenirs! Definitely stay away from expensive tourist shops in tourist areas, do some research and try and find flea markets or such. For example, in Warsaw you might be able to find a fur hat (genuine rabbit) for as little as 430Zl if you look hard enough! Oh and that reminds me, Poland still uses the Zloty, so don't forget about that!!
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