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Compelling Personal Reasons - Depression

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    Hey, so i'm just looking for some advice on whether I stand a chance to gain back a year of funding with compelling personal reasons.

    I successfully completed a foundation year in 2014/15 and transferred to a new university to complete my degree.

    When I started at the new university (in sept 2015), I slowly started to become depressed as the months went on, and by January 2016, it had gotten so severe that I decided I had to leave for my health.

    A week before leaving, I emailed my personal tutor as I needed someone to talk to about everything, however I didn't receive any reply back.

    As I didn't receive any replies for a week, I decided to finally tell my family how I was feeling (stressed, depressed, suicidal thoughts), and they came and got me from uni straight away.

    The following day my parents took me to the doctor who prescribed me some antidepressants. I then took an overdose at midnight and was rushed to hospital.

    The following day I had an emergency appointment with the doctor, followed by a meeting with the mental health crisis team.

    Now a few months have passed i've managed to get my head straight and i'm looking to hopefully go back to university (the first university I attended as I was definitely much happier there) and was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the compelling personal reasons process.

    I've managed to get a note written personally by my doctor for evidence, along with a statement from my mother with things such as dates and events in specific detail etc.

    However i'm just a little worried as I never mentioned any of this to the university until it all happened (my mother sent a letter to the university stating why I had to leave), and don't know if this will hinder my compelling reasons request.


    As far as I know, you just need the medical evidence. If you/your Mum have kept copies of any of the emails you sent to the uni trying to tell them about it, then that would help.
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    (Original post by Klix88)
    As far as I know, you just need the medical evidence. If you/your Mum have kept copies of any of the emails you sent to the uni trying to tell them about it, then that would help.

    Brilliant, thats a relief to know, thanks!
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