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How do I overcome my issues and make this relationship work??

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    There is this guy I am dating and I really like him and we have been dating for a few weeks and he has expressed that he really likes me and wants to be in a serious relationship and he has asked me to be his girlfriend which I responded with yes. I am super comfortable around him to be myself, he is a massive good influence on my unii work - he encourages me to study and motivates me, I am physically attracted to him and I love his personality and the way he treats me and the fun things we do together. The problem is me really. I know something is going to go wrong in the future and I can't allow myself to just fall for him and catch feelings knowing that it could end in a massive heartbreak and possibly going back to a really bad place. Every time he makes me smile or gives me butterflies with small gestures, I get more and more anxious about the whole situation. I am so so so scared this is going to go wrong and I can't stop myself from being so anxious. The worst part is its going so perfect right now, I literally could no imagine myself with anyone better but I am unable to get myself to fully put my trust into him. I do have background issues such as childhood problems and I am diagnosed with depression. I have briefly talked to my therapist about this issue and he concluded that I'm scared to trust and put faith into a relationship unless it turns bad so I'm just discarding everyone. And also I'm not allowing good things to happen to me cause I don't feel I deserve it. I am really in the no how as to what I can do to stop this anxiety which may lead me to break up with him. How have others handled these type of situations/what is some advice you could give me??

    I think you need to sit down and talk to him about this.

    You need to trust him and respect yourself, i'm not trying to be mean but end it now if you don't think you can do that because relationships involve two people and you need to think about how it will hurt him as well.
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    I think you need to sit down and talk to him about this.
    I've only told him that I do have some "trust" issues and that I will try and work on it so we can have a good relationship. But I feel like if unload him with all this other stuff that's wrong with me he might back away a little which I dont blame him since we have only been going out for a couple weeks. Also I dont know HOW I would even tell him.
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