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30th Mar: Do you leave revision to the last minute?

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    I don't leave my revision to the very last minute, because anxiety takes over...but I can almost always get a C when I revise the night before (as I know from my mocks). To get B's and A's I definitely need a few weeks of really hard core, painful, heavy revision! But I honestly am really not one of those people that can do that amount during December time, because 1) I forget things and 2) I don't have the energy, but when exam season rolls around the stress levels make me work l extremely hard (I think a lot of students feel like that) without getting exhausted quickly.

    But of course I keep up through the year, read my textbook, do my homework and ask lots of questions in class, so I'm alright...

    goodluck to you too xx

    head over to the thread i started on AS exams 2016 I need some reassurance and advice!
    im sure your all lovely people!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    im really worried about my a levels, I did my GCSEs last year and I came out with really good results but this year I'm finding it a lot more difficult to revise, I only have 6 and a half weeks until my first exam but I have around 30 essays to learn as I've taken 4 as levels which are all essay based! any help will be really appreciated
    In the same boat however I did AS last year (it went horribly wrong so retaking learnt a lot from the first time). Its okay to feel pressure at this time and worry! I understand with essay subjects its easy to get overwhelmed no matter what your GCSEs were. The most important thing is to not bury your head in the sand at this point. Yeh 6 weeks now seems like such a short time but you can really improve your grades with a little planning and sticking to that, it can be fixed I promise. Make sure you have an action plan, find out the areas which scare you the most in terms of content and prioritise those. It also helps to break it down instead of seeing the looming '30 essays', this can just cause more panic. If you put the effort in now instead of procrastinating due to being overwhelmed by the task its going to help trust me, did that last year (and hard to over come I know). Keeping cool and looking after yourself as well, you could really make a difference during this time. All the best! good luck!
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Updated: April 7, 2016
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