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Scottish property law

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    I have this question and I'm a little confused/ pulling my hair out. If someone could give me a little guidance it would be very much appreciated.
    Separately, your Partner has met with another new client, Navid.

    “It transpires that Navid is a neighbour of Jack and Victor, and has a flat in the same tenement block. Navid lives on the top floor.

    Whilst Jack was away for the weekend, Victor had been thinking about how best to secure the tenement block. There have been a number of break-ins in the neighbourhood recently, and the main door to the tenement close is unsecured.

    Victor decided to install a door entry system. Victor told Navid that he saw an advertisement with an offer for discounted door entry systems, but the offer was only open for a very short time period. Victor therefore instructed the installation of the door entry system that weekend, which he paid for in full and had installed. The cost of the installation was £3,000. Victor delivered invoices to each of the other flat owners for £500 each.

    Navid is furious. Neither he nor any of the owner flat owners were consulted about this. They are all refusing to pay. Victor is threatening, however, to take each owner to the Small Claims Court if they do not pay up. Navid is anxious about this, as he had a bad experience before a sheriff before.

    Separately, Navid mentioned that the recent high winds had seen slates fall off the roof. He already has damp in his ceilings. He thinks he should get the roof fixed sooner rather than later, but is not sure how to go about this.

    I said I would get back to Navid in case he needs to proceed with this urgently.

    Please prepare me a memo to pass to Navid explaining what options he has, and the legal basis for the various issues. Please also outline the processes involved.”

    With full reference to relevant authority, prepare a memo for your Partner advising on the issues and options arising for Navid.
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