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Student and teachers

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    So I'm in my first year of university and I just feel lost.
    At college me and my teacher used to get on so well and began getting really close to the point where he'd have one to one revision session with me and be very flirty and hardly get any revision done. At parents evenings he would just talk to my mum and dad about random things and not about how I was doing. He would give me lifts home every now and then. He'd make weird comments in front of my friends at lunch saying I looked beautiful or more than quite alright and I'm my free periods he'd come over and sit with me and we'd do our work.
    One time in class we had a discussion about superheroes and I told him I think they are stupid and he replied "you sound like my mother you should meet her".
    When I left I went to our leavers meal and he asked me for a photo of me and him to be in his phone and camera.

    Obviously now I've left and I'm at university and I thought I left everything in the past but I popped back to college to collect somethings and he was there and gave me a hug and kiss on the neck and we talked in his room.

    I used to find it very uncomfortable when I was at college but the more we spoke and got to know each other the more I got comfortable with it.
    And now I've seen him again and gone back to uni I feel very alone.

    He knows about my depression and anxiety phases in which I told him I self harmed a few times and I think that brought us together for me to stop and I did. He still emails me to check if I'm okay etc and I guess I kinda miss his presence around. It's a weird feeling.

    I'm trying to avoid myself and distract myself from thinking about it. Obviously I can't and I'm not sure if it's normal or what I should do?

    I just feel so alone as its not something you can talk to people about without other people getting involved.

    Err tbh I think you should be glad your teachers aren't like that any more, he sounds creepy, he's a teacher and you're a student, that's not on. You can get on well with your lecturers but keep it platonic, they have more students so it's more difficult to keep track but they'll learn your names and chat to you, anyway it's probably a better idea to try to make friends with other students anyway
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