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My Girlfriend went to the cinema with another guy

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    (Original post by Abstract_Prism)
    Because there's obviously a higher chance of cheating going on if she's hanging out with a guy?

    smh at SJW's today
    But when guys hang out with girls, cheating is always the immediate assumption

    That's what I'm smh at

    (Original post by Alexion)
    But when guys hang out with girls, cheating is always the immediate assumption

    That's what I'm smh at
    Quite obviously.

    Would someone immediately assume that a girl were cheating if she were hanging out with another girl? No, because that's unlikely. If she was a known bisexual, then it would be another matter.

    If you're saying that it's such a shame that girls and guys can't just be friends, I wouldn't disagree. But you need to ascertain that there's nothing going on between them first. Once that's confirmed, then there's no reason why they couldn't be friends.

    But every reasonable person would at least check first.

    I don't know about you, but I'm not so confident in the innate goodness of human nature to not assume that something might be going on first.

    3 thoughts:

    Why just the two of them?

    He probably fancies her.

    Nothing probably happened.

    Red flag, imo.

    Hes just like any other guy. Hes young and he wants pussy. He doesnt care for the moment that she is notionally with someone else. Anyway you have practically only just met. She may not see it that way and will be fooling herself its all innocent. Alternatively she may be hedging her bets as to who is the best current prospect.

    I wouldnt stress about it. Let her run after you a little, be nice to her and nail her as often as possible in case she dumps you.


    and wrap up.

    if u cant smash without being a beta phaggot wk disregard her completely. women like that take dick from the boyz and when shes warn out picks from said group her top chad. this is irregardless of race and class. only cucks take chicks like that seriously, unless u like sloppy seconds

    you're welcome

    If the other person is not somebody you know and trust and she didn't come to you prior to going out with him to tell you about him, introduce him etc. its highly likely she did not want you to meet him, because she is highly likely cheating on you with him.

    (Original post by whorace)
    Way to undermine yourself.
    ??? are you saying that it IS a stereotypically girly film that DOES attract female crowds? ...

    (Original post by trm1)
    Hi Everyone,

    So i realise this is going to come off as a really jealous boyfriend and i'm really trying not to be that guy. But last night my girlfriend went to the cinema with another guy and it has really gotten to me.We've been together for a few months and shes gone back home for Easter break, so its turned into long distance again, shes from abroad. And i knew she was going to the cinema tonight, i just didn't know who and didn't give it much thought, only that i was jealous that she was going to see the new Deadpool and i've yet to watch it lol.

    Anyway, she calls me when she gets back before bed like usual and proceeds to tell me about her and her friend going to the cinema etc giving no indication about the gender of this friend. It wasn't until she mentioned talking in his car for a while after the film when he drove her back did I find out it was a guy she went to the cinema with.

    Now i cant shake the feeling of not being comfortable with the whole thing. I know i cant choose who my girlfriend hangs out with and should be comfortable with her hanging out with guys and girls. but just the fact it was to the cinema, which to me is quite a intimate setting, e.g. dark, just them two etc. and then sat in the car for a while talking when she got back i just cant swallow. As soon as she said sat in the car and talked she mentioned because you cant really catch up with a friend in the cinema which is fair enough.

    Anyway, am i overthinking this and my insecurity taking over? How do you guys feel about your girlfriends going to the cinema with a guy?Cheers
    You are not a "jealous" boyfriend.
    I read this and said WtF?
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Updated: March 31, 2016
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