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Lost a good male friend, now I want him back

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    One of my closet male friends has recently moved abroad for work, he has been travelling quite a bit over the past year so I don't see a lot of him now. I know him from university, he was one of the first people to help me settle but he finished his course back in September.

    He was back in the UK for a few weeks about 2 months ago, he came up from his hometown. I've since made new friends living with different people, I also invited a mutal friend. He was very quiet and didn't really talk to anyone, we were planning on going out to a club that night but he decided to go back to the hotel room he rented before we even decided to go out, I didn't notice he was gone until we were walking to the club.

    I text him the following morning to see if he was still in town, he said that he went straight home and that he didn't want to be there. He then blocked me on Facebook and my phone number so I couldn't contact him.

    I since found out that he's started his new job abroad. I know he's from quite a poor background so even though I hate the way he's acted I'm still very proud of him of what he's achieved.

    I only know about this from our mutal friend, a girl we both know . I found out that he asked her if she wants to come and visit him, I want to go see too and I do miss him, carry on out great friendship like we use to have but worried that he won't want to know. Do you think it's worth me trying getting in contact with him and see what was up before, see what he's up to. How do I through to him and what do I say?

    Looks like he's trying to move on and has met new friends to hang out with. Just try to make an effort to contact him and if he blanks you then just move on yourself. Surely he couldn't have been that close if he randomly blanks you after moving away....
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