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WJEC Psychology A2 revision - Quizlet flashcards

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    Hey guys, so I've had a bit of a tough time finding much information about WJEC Psychology online, so I decided to put the handouts for exam questions on my quizlet. Obviously different schools/colleges will be studying different parts, mine is doing
    • Memory
    • Adolescence and adulthood
    • Abnormalities
    Quizlet Link
    I'm trying to constantly update these as I go along, so not everything is on my quizlet yet, but feel free to use those that are there and if I've made any spelling mistakes or informative errors, please tell me through here so I can fix it asap.
    Lastly, if you like the information but its too long, or you think there is a better way to format it, just copy and paste my flashcards on to your own quizlet, then adapt them to suit you. Maybe even add them to the group if you feel like it.

    Have fun!

    I see you're currently adding to your abnormalities stuff, but was just wondering if you had any idea what I could put in a bias in diagnosis conclusion?
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Updated: March 30, 2016
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