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Edexcel AS Geography Unit 1- What case studies do I need? Unhelpful teachers!

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    I'm revising for my unit 1 exam, and my teachers haven't made it very clear what case studies I have/don't have to learn. I have asked but they just say 'it's all in the book' which is vague and also untrue.

    Here are all the ones I have revised so far, are there any I don't need/need to add? Thanks in advance.

    * LDC earthquake - 2003 Bam, Iran
    * MDC earthquake - 1993 California
    * LDC volcano - Mt Pinatubo, Phillipines
    * MDC volcano - Mt St Helens
    * Drought - 2003 Europe
    * LDC hotspot - Phillipines
    * MDC hotspot - California
    * Tropical Storms - Hurricane Katrina
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    It seems you're well equipped with Hazard case studies, but I don't think you need so many Earthquake and Volcano case studies, its good t have some additional facts but a good case study knowledge of Philippines, California and another area, perhaps Bangladesh with suffice.

    These are some others I'm learning, not sure if any additional are needed?
    Africa- Climate Change
    Arctic- Climate Change
    They're both on the compulsory list for case studies.

    Going Global
    TNC- Walmart, Disney, Tesco etc. Any one will suffice
    Could have a few examples of switched on and off places, to help discuss interconnectedness, countries in Africa and USA are classic examples
    Poland to UK- Intra EU migration
    Migration into Europe, illegal migrants and refugees(Syria/African countries)
    UK to Spain- Ageing population
    Mumbai and LA- are what I might use for case studies of Mega cities, but there are many others

    My Teachers have also have been a bit under prepared when it comes to case studies too, and most of these I've learnt myself. Don't feel obliged to use these though, some may not have enough detail or too much as I've started to find out, so I may be changing some of which I use. Plus more recent case studies and unique ones may stand out in exams and earn the top band marks.
    Hope this helps :yy:
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Updated: April 2, 2016
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