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Getting a job at 16

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    So I'm going to finish my GCSEs next 1.5 months and hoping for a job. I'm a male, and I'm kind of confused what job to pick. Could u guys give a range of jobs that school leaving boys do.

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    (Original post by ImagineCats)
    Dont do it its tiring and mean people and you realize how annoying the public are and those weekends I couldve spent on A levels dont do it ppl save urself !!!!!!!!!
    Ya... You are right but we are talking about doing it during the summer holidays where u don't have nothing to do and use tsr allllll dayyyyyy

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    The key to getting a new job is confidence, heres some steps that worked for me:
    1) Walk into the place where you want to work, (Bring your CV!)
    2) Ask for the manager
    3 Say ' I need a ****ing job, give me one or I'll bang you right up'
    4) If they chat ****, bang the **** out of them
    5) failing this, they'll defo give you the job. employers need confidence and out going people, and what better way to show that, by showing them it with the first words that come out your mouth.

    6) Repeat this step ( Once you get the job, becuase you will ) If you want a promotion or a pay rise, this worked exceedingly well for me, and now I'm the store manager at ScrewFix in Witney.

    Yours sincerely, Chris Sullivan

    (Original post by DrSocSciences)
    Beware of apprenticeships, with the standard rate of £2.38 per hour, and no guarantee of employment at the end.
    The point of apprenticeships is for you to get some experience so that you can be considered for real jobs. You don't necessarily need guaranteed employment from the company that you do the apprenticeship with. Just a reference will help you a great deal in finding jobs elsewhere. Of course, that requires that you actually do well during your apprenticeship and you don't laze around, because you'll want the reference to be positive :P
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Updated: May 29, 2016
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