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Inequality and the Equal Pay Act of 1970

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    How does the wage gap exist in light of the aforementioned act? Can someone point me to sources which elaborate upon the issues persistence despite legislation intended to solve the problem? Thanks


    this page highlights key causes - discrimination still happens, unequal caring responsibilities, female dominated industrial sectors tend to be lower paid, and senior roles in companies are male dominated. It also has links to further reading.

    Because Feminists feel that FACTS can be trumped by feelings and safe spaces

    (Original post by #Zinan)
    That has NOTHING to do with the fact that for the same job, men and women get paid the EXCAT same thing, regardless of what retarded 3rd wave feminists think.

    It is ILLEGAL, to pay men or women more money than a respective gender for the same work.

    Get it herp derp?

    I KNOW IT DOESN'T. NOT SURE WHY YOU WOULD THINK IT WAS SUPPOSED TO? It does however, help to explain why there is still an apparent 'gender pay gap' when you look at averages across working populations, given that (as I have known since the law was introduced) it is indeed illegal to pay men and women different rates if they are doing exactly the same work. I offered no opinion of my own at all - but do forgive me for offering the OP a link to some reference material which they can peruse, and from which they can draw their own conclusions.

    I haven't spoken to any retarded third wave feminists recently, but as you clearly have, I'll take your word for what they think. Do continue with the insults if it helps your sense of self-esteem, but don't expect any further response.
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    (Original post by #Zinan)
    Because Feminists feel that FACTS can be trumped by feelings and safe spaces
    HAHAHA its all very well to watch a couple of Milo Yiannapoulous videos and regurgitate things that he says onto a text box and then hit send but evidently you have no idea what you are talking about. Coming from a male, you are ignorant. As for 3rd wave feminists, if you know what that means, do tell me what 1st and 2nd wave feminism consisted of? Autist
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Updated: April 2, 2016
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