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Money vs University - The big why?

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    So today I've been just been doing a bit of studying for my AS exams. Then I went on YouTube. What started as just watching a review for one of Drake's leaked songs then turned into watching a video about one girl dropping out of University after 3 months. So this girl, who attend one of the Russell Group universities was set with a 3K debt after attending the university for a little more than 3 months.

    Now, I don't live under a rock, okay? I'm not naive or anything. I know that university isn't free. University isn't cheap. University is expensive.

    But seeing that video, just made me think. Do I really want to go to university yet? Note, I said 'yet'. For years I have been saying that I want to be a Social Worker. I've had my mind set on becoming a Social Worker for all the wrong reasons. Whilst my reasons may be required by some extent, I don't think that career choice is something that I'm utterly passionate about. It's just something that I wouldn't mind doing, among with a lot of other things.

    So now that I'm not clear on what I want to do, why on Earth would I go to University? Set myself up for a fun life full of debt?

    I then went to have a talk with my good friend as I believe she is in the same predicament as me, and I was right.

    THEN I had a little rant and I want to know if anyone feels the same as me, well I know there are definitely others but I just need to discuss it.

    The way I see things. The richer, and thus more fortunate students are more than most likely set up to succeed in terms of obtaining their university degrees. I'm not good with statistics. hence the reason I won't be using any and will leave it for someone else to add. But I'm pretty sure that if you were to look for statistics, you would find that those students that come from a higher class therefore making them have a higher income are less likely to drop out from university than less fortunate students (less fortunate in regard to money.) This is obviously because they have support from their parents, who are earning enough money to pay off their debts, if they have any in comparison to those who are receiving students loans. Yes, it's not rocket science. We do not need Sherlock Holmes help to discover this.

    I'm annoyed at the fact that those who are receiving students loans are more likely to drop out or fail than those who aren't. Whatever they do, the debt will have to be paid back. Which will take a long time to pay off. So the problem is that we are practically being forced into higher education, and it's as though we are made to forget about the huge amount of debt that will hit us in the face soon after. Right, I should worry about myself. I know. But I can't.

    A lot of people that I know who are in university are unhappy. They're unhappy with what they have chosen. They all say the same things. They regret not thinking through everything before they signed themselves up for it. Why? Why did they decide to go university then? It's simple. A lot are pressured into going to university without really think about it. Almost like we're all in a big crow that is going downstream/upstream a river at full-speed. The point being that we're not really sure which way we are going but we are certainly going somewhere fast. I can only think of university being a huge scam, a plot to retain money. Whatever happens to you, money will still be put back into the economy. University is not for everyone, but it's open to everyone. University takes whilst we give. It's like we're being robbed but being left with something meaningless yet meaningful. So somehow it benefits us. But is it in a good way? Because what if we're not happy with what we're doing. We got our degree, our career is ready to go like a pack lunch, but are we happy with what we've got in our pack lunch? Are we happy going through that day miserably eating through our meal. Does it fill us up and satisfy us? Unlike the pack lunch, once we got our job that we're not really satisfied with it's almost as though there is no other way to turn so we've got to go through it. Bearing in mind that we'd have wasted a a whole lot of money at university for this one thing.

    I guess university is for those that can really make something out of what they get from it, and are satisfied with everything.

    Me. Personally. I don't know anymore. Maybe I'm reaching and I should just study my books and get back in queue to the big, great university. Maybe it's just not for me and I should form my own queue doing what I am happy doing, whatever that is.

    I don't know, someone out there, do you feel me or am I alone? I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions.

    GradesUnlocked you have written a lot and it is perhaps more then most people would like to deal with but the one thing I spotted was how you talked about the debt. Are you aware how student loans work? Just thought I'd check because the debt really isn't anything to worry about.
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    (Original post by Aph)
    GradesUnlocked you have written a lot and it is perhaps more then most people would like to deal with but the one thing I spotted was how you talked about the debt. Are you aware how student loans work? Just thought I'd check because the debt really isn't anything to worry about.
    Yeah, haha. I think this is just something I didn't really think about before posting. Probably talking a load of ****. Ignore me. It was just in the moment. 😁🌚

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Updated: April 4, 2016
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