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Interview question practice

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    Hi everyone, I am planning out some possible questions and answers for my Social work interview tomorrow. Can you give me any help, this is what I have so far;
    Why do you want to be a social worker?
    I would love to be a social worker because I want to give people the same support that I received when I was in a vulnerable situation. I feel as if I have learnt from my past struggles and would be able to use them as an advantage in my career as a social worker. I also want to be a social worker because I believe that there are so many vulnerable individuals in terrible situations. I want to be apart of the Social worker’s job which is to empower that the individual into being as independent with their life as possible and ensure that they are safe during the process.

    Describe what you think a social worker does and what type of people or groups you might work with?
    A social worker is there to protect vulnerable individuals,enable them to cope with their current difficult situation and help promote their independence. A social worker may work alongside many different types/groups of people for example people with drugs misuse problems, Vulnerable children and their families, Individuals with Mental health issues and the elderly just to name a few.

    What do you think are the qualities of a good social worker? How do your talents and skills match the qualities needed?
    As a social worker I believe you need to be a good listener, this is a big part of being a social worker. If you have this quality then I believe that the individuals that you are trying to help will feel more appreciated. I know this because when I was seeing a counsellor I felt as if i weren’t given enough time to express my feelings. Though it is vital to have good communication skills as a social worker, you also need to be able to listen to what the other individual has to say as this will make them feel more appreciated and you will be able to find out more details.
    Most importantly, you need to have a Non-judgemental personality as you will be meeting many kinds of people who have had difficult backgrounds and mental health issues and these people are very vulnerable. You need to be very understanding and be able to empathise with these individuals in order to build relationship and trust, you are after all the person they are relying on.
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