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Best friend slept with ex. Do I forgive and forget?

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    Let me start by saying this isn't a recent ex, it was someone I wasn't dating for very long and it was about 2 and a half years ago, however it was someone that broke my heart and that really made an impact on me. It took me a long time to get over and this friend knows about this, and even supported me through it. Basically it was a messy situation. It literally sounds made up but it's not. We went out one night and bumped into him in a club. I hadn't seen him in like 2 years so was kind of excited / nervous to see him. He led me out in to the smoking area to catch up and it felt really nice. I have a boyfriend now though who I'm really happy with so although I felt I still had some feelings there, when he was kind of flirty with me I tried to nip it in the bud. Anyway we all ended up getting really drunk and my friend thought it would be a brilliant idea for him to come back to my house (WHYYYY!!!) and I terribly agreed. Just the 3 of us. She wanted to have a threesome but obv I was like no way. They started kissing and then he leaned in to kiss me too but I turned my face away. Although I was very drunk I luckily still knew it was wrong. Then my friend suddenly got all tearful and emotional and angry and said she was going to message my boyfriend and tell him I'd brought a guy back?! Luckily she didn't. Then it became obvious that those two were kind of getting close so i just kind of left them to it. I left the room... He went home. I feel bad to my boyfriend even though nothing happened with me (I admit part of me wanted it to but I'm relieved I said no!) The next day my friend was crying all guilty and begging my forgiveness but I just laughed and gave her a hug and said we were really drunk and said tbf I can't really be annoyed because we ended years ago plus I'm with someone new now anyway , but part of me does feel hurt. I wouldn't do that to her? It's also made me concerned that I can't trust with current bf. I felt really awful about it so I told my boyfriend about it and obv he was a bit annoyed I let this guy come back with us but it's fine now.

    Wth are you doing, God help your children

    Well! The thing is in these cases, don't take help from TSR! It's full of opinions rather than truths! The truth lies deep within you heart!

    A) you weren't dating him for very long
    B) it was over 2 1/2 years ago
    C) you have a boyfriend
    D) you claim to be happy with said boyfriend
    E) you told her it was fine and that you were cool with it

    These things make me think she has every right to sleep with him; you aren't with him and you don't own her so you don't really get to decide who either of them sleep with to be honest.

    If you were so happy with your boyfriend, you wouldn't really care surely?

    He's your ex, you shouldn't even be paying attention.
    Unless your friend tried to date him while you two were together, and you feel she was just waiting for (if not helped) the break up to happen
    then I don't see why you're bothered tbh
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Updated: March 30, 2016
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