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Need some advice

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    Hey guys,

    I graduated in july 2015. I started my new job in november however i really hate it. Its not something i wish to pursue in the future at all. The skills and experiences i have gained have been useful to an extent but I want to quit and have felt this way since I first started but i carried on as I thought i could and the money is good.

    Im thinking about quitting next week. Does anyone have any advice? Do you think I should quit to allow myself full time to apply for new jobs?

    Even if i did i was thinking about doing volunteering so the gap doesnt look too bad on my cv. Do you think that would give me a better chance so there are no gaps and my availability would be better for interviews?

    I tried around the beginning of feb to apply for roles and work and its pretty much impossible. Every interview i had i had to take sick days and half days which looks worse on me?

    Please help!


    Sorry to hear you're not enjoying your job at the moment! As a side note, have you tried voicing your current concerns to your current employer? If you think the situation could be salvageable, it may be worth trying this before leaving - as I'm sure they would like to keep you if they can.

    If not, generally speaking, if you can stick out your current job for a few more weeks I would always recommend that you look for a new job whilst currently employed. This gives you more to talk about at interview and avoids having to tell prospective employers why you left your current job, and also avoids the gap on your CV you have mentioned.

    If it's possible to continue job hunting whilst currently employed, this is always preferable as it means you can be a little more picky about your next move. Most companies will try and be flexible when organising your interviews, so if you receive an invite to interview, you could always explain that your current company is not so flexible about you popping out the office at short notice. Try to get them to organise interviews for the very start or end of the day if possible.

    Having said that, your happiness is of course very important - so if you really can't stay, I would recommend sorting out some volunteering or studying to fill the break you may have in your CV. You can then dedicate yourself full time to job hunting as you have mentioned.

    Best of luck,

    Chantelle & the Milkround team
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