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Bernie Sanders is a Socialist Marxist; why are people supporting him ?

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    (Original post by BenC1997)
    Funny, you seem to follow in Hitler's footsteps, banning free speech and all...
    I am not banning free speech. I am banning hate speech and Islamophobic speech, big difference. Having seen some of your previous Islamophobic comments I have added you to the list

    (Original post by Oliver_94)
    I don't get it? Trump is practically Hitler, in fact I would argue he is far worse
    Given that you hate Jews and homosexuals and espouse fascism, you're closer to Hitler than you'd like to admit

    (Original post by Oliver_94)
    I am not banning free speech. I am banning hate speech and Islamophobic speech, big difference. Having seen some of your previous Islamophobic comments I have added you to the list
    " I'm banning *insert something I don't like* speech."

    Like it or not, you're a facist. And you are banning free speech.

    Adding me to the infamous list doesn't change anything, you just waste more of your own time.

    I pity you, almost.

    (Original post by Buonaparte)
    Probably been said before but Trotsky was an enemy of Stalin, hence in opposition to Stalinism.

    And Peter Mandelson was in the Young Communists League... So what?

    Nothing wrong with being in a Communist party, I think they're on the wrong path but some communists I've met have been the most intelligent and open minded people I have come across. Unfortunately in the UK they're in denial about how unpopular communism is, and they often turn to regimes like North Korea for self indulgence.

    Poverty is essentially a by-product of capitalism (not that it didn't exist before capitalism), I think that's undeniable.

    Some form of socialism or social security is necessary to prevent poverty, everyone is dependent on someone else, it's as much part of human nature as competition is.

    Your argument doesn't add up.
    Nothing has alleviated poverty to such a remarkable extent as seen in the first world (and as of more recently, the developing world), as capitalism. We're talking billions of people.

    Social security should, at the most, be a strongly limited, temporary safety net for a small number of individuals who have fallen to the bottom. Modern welfare states, and the intergenerational dependence that they often create, do not truly achieve the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation - which is self reliance.

    (Original post by RarestPepe)
    Sanders was active in the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party in the 1980's. This was a party that supported the same ideology of Soviet mass murderers, how could he possibly compete in an American general election ?


    He's doing what obama did; promise people a lot of free stuff.

    (Original post by tengentoppa)
    His voters probably neither know or care.

    In the same way people ignore the fact that Trump used to praise Clinton and say he preferred the Democratic party

    In the same way people forget that Clinton used to be opposed to gay marriage

    Sanders is currently standing on a social democrat model, which obviously draws traction with the working class, the same source Trump taps into.
    I'm not sure Sanders draws a lot of support from the working class. I think any support he has with anyone but college age people is simply a show of disgust with Clinton. Clearly it is Trump who the working class has chosen to rally around.
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Updated: March 31, 2016
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