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Studying architecture: in the UK or in the US?

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    Basically, I applied for architecture undergraduate courses in universities in both the UK and the US. As I wasn't sure where to study when I started my application, I decided to "fight on two fronts" to buy time for me to make up my mind.

    So far I've got conditionals (reachable figures) from Edinburgh, Cardiff and Sheffield in the UK and offers from Carnegie-Mellon, USC, Syracuse and Notre Dame in the US. Got rejected by Cambridge, UC Berkeley and Rice and still haven't heard back from UCL after my interview, and I'm also waiting for the decision from Cornell. There might be a few factors to consider:

    1. Degree. For US architecture schools, one gets a BArch after 5 years of undergraduate study, meaning that one can already practise as a qualified architect after five years, whereas in the UK they more or less only offer a BA or BSc for undergrad. However I'm not sure either whether I would do something else other than being an architect in the end, so...

    2. Employment. My parents are both working as architects (in China) and they told me most employers in China do prefer US graduates to their UK counterparts because the US ones are considered "more useful." So does anyone know what the situation's like in Europe/US/elsewhere? I mean I do love the programme at UCL and really want to go there, if ever accepted...

    3. Cost. US universities are notoriously expensive, ranging from 50,000 to 70,000 USD each year (though I may get a scholarship from some but it's still up in the air) , whereas in the UK I wouldn't expect my yearly budget to exceed 40,000 GBP. On average, the cost of studying in the US for 5 years is greater than studying in the UK for 7 years. Though it's affordable for our family, it's still a considerable amount of input.

    4. Reputation... But tbh I think they're equally good; it's just the styles that are different.

    Would be great if someone can give me some suggestions. I'm hesitating so much! Thanks in advance!

    Off topic but I'm waiting for Cornell tomorrow too good luck!

    Depends where you want to work?
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