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Fresh studies but existing debt

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    Hi, there are a couple of courses that I'm deciding I'd like to do sometime in the future but it's looking like I'll have to save up for a good few years before I do any of them. I've already received 4 years of student finance from 2008 through to 2012 and so I will never again be entitled to student finance will I? The only way for me to ever get a university degree would be to pay for it with my own money?


    I was reading the above link but I'm not sure that applies to me completely. I don't have any qualifications from University because I dropped out in my second year of my second course (wild I know) but would the same still apply?


    My understanding is four years and thats it. the article confirms that. That means you are self funding.

    Having ead he article I am unsure how you think any of that applies to you? If you fall within the criteria, then you should explore it, but its very limited partial funding for very particular degrees. If its a degree you are desparate for then consider doing one part time to spread the cost or check the price for the OU. Also you might want to consider going back to the drop out uni and resuming?

    No need to give up, yes it could take a long time , but you can get there.
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    Yeah I don't fall within any of those career paths, except maybe a veterinary surgeon - wouldn't mind doing something like that...

    I wouldn't be able to carry on with my last degree for the same financial reasons right? That'd be another two year's tuition fees.

    Unless you had some major mitigating circumstances as to why you dropped out, then they wont fund out. As i said part time is about your best bet and work to pay for it. Tiy give no indication why you dropped out twice. You cna talk to your uni as to whether they would let you resume, but they will still want paying.
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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