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Freshers week

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    Going to be living in private accommodation due to all gill street and Byron being fully booked, but not knowing if people within my flat will be up for freshers week as much as me as I have no clue who will be in my flat 😂, so anyone else excited for freshers week if so hola 🔥💃🏻🍸🍻

    what private accommodation have you booked?
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    (Original post by leeshamac)
    what private accommodation have you booked?
    Global point, but I'm not sure whether to change and choose glasshouse 😫😭 yourself

    To give you my past experience:

    I was transferred to a uni in oxford and there were no halls so (rather stupidly, but hey, what could I do, I had 4 days notice of transfer prior to starting!) I arrived on campus with a suitcase on the first day, and figured out what to do from there - couch surfed for the first 2 days, stayed in a BnB the next, then temporarily stayed in a spare room with some other uni students for the next 2 week, until I got together a house with some other students.

    Luckily, that 3rd week was Freshers Week! I was a fairly heavy drinker then anyway, and my house consisted of extremely "tame" people - some foreign students who were there purely to study and get their degree, and a mature student who'd been-there-done-that. Still, it doesn't really matter who you live with for freshers week, because you meet people at the uni and just go with the flow. Talking to someone after class, they're planning on going to PT? "What's PT?" you will inevitably ask. The answers are given in the form of "come with us". Where you live isn't a huge issue, it's just a matter of who you meet at uni on the first day to start forming those circles. And to be honest, people get so pissed up anyway, nobody really has a set house anyway - after a night out on freshers week, whether you end up back at home, on some random person's couch or some hottie's bed [giggity], it shouldn't make too much of a difference. Just make an effort to grow some bonds with your fellow uni students as well as your housemates.
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