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Feeling depressed. Please help me

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    I am 16 and I'm from Portugal. My family is, since always, financially unstable. And although this difficulty, we were able to go to many countries (this was forced). With a lot of traveling, I was forced to learn new languages and as I was young, I lost a lot of practice in the Portuguese language. We returned to Portugal 3 years ago and since then i have been struggling with school. But, luckily, my community in the education board was able to pay me for my private school where we have the Cambridge curriculum (English became my dominant language after the traveling).

    These are the grades I got in this school:

    -Physics: A*
    -Biology: A
    -Geography: A*
    -English: B
    -Maths: B

    Just because of my ''B's'', they think I don't deserve this help I am getting and one woman indirectly told me I don't have the capacity for school. They also told me that I'm too selfish just because I'm not willing to go to a Portuguese university (which I am but as I'm in a English school, it would most considerate to go to a English University). And something out of the topic, they also said that I'm always at home in my computer and not doing the first step (which I guess it's true), where they compared me with my sister who is apparently 'bright' in their view (I have nothing against my sister)

    I'm feeling so depressed and unmotivated and I feel that they have kept me into a lot of pressure where I really don't know what to do next, because they are planning on removing me from this school or changing my school where there is a different curriculum (And I prefer this curriculum as it is most favorable for my career decision, which is Astrophysics).

    What do your patents think? Do you have someone at the school you can talk to and trust?

    You cna chat to a counselor at Childline a leading UK charity and as its online it wouldnt cost you anything or you could email them.
    They also have a phone helpline but that would mean ringing the UK, although its a freephone number.



    It seems to me your problem is that they wnat to move you becayse of your grades and you dont wnat to move. I think it makes sense that if thats what they want then you need to raise your grades so they dont have anything to complain about.

    I would speak to the school or your parents an say you really want to stay and that you are prepared to work harder. You would like to be given a chance to improve and of one term at which time they cna decide. If you are making an improved effort and geting hisgher marks then you can stay and if not you will move.

    It would then be up o you. pressure, but it would give you a chance to meet what they want.
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Updated: March 31, 2016
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