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Medicine gap year applicants with 4 rejections 2016

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    I got four pre-interview rejections first time round but am about to start my second year at Imperial soon now. :yep: If any of you have any questions, feel free to PM me or something.

    Hi guys,
    I am on a gap year and looking to apply for 2017 entry. However, I did not apply last year. I really wanted to get more work experience, as I felt I didn't have much and I wanted to know my A level grades.

    Here are my stats so far.
    GCSE: 4A* 5A 1C( c in art lmao!)
    AS level: AABB
    A level - what I think I will get: A* AA
    Work experience: 1 week in GP, 1 week hospice.
    Voluntary: 6 months care home, 5 months in charity shop.
    UKCAT: 635 last year....
    Gap year: I will be working as a healthcare assistant in a hospital... I got my job offer yesterday. I will also be volunteering in a hospice. I really want to travel across Europe as well with my friend...

    (Original post by UnknownAnon)
    I definitely preferred MMI over panel (not that I had any panel interviews), because if I messed up one station, I could redeem myself in the other ones. The biggest tip I got was that in the break between stations, forget about your previous station, even if you messed up royally. Just focus on your next one. The MMI's themselves weren't too bad. For both mmi's, they pretty much had your standard stations, and the interviewers were really nice as well.

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    Thanks! That was really helpful!😊

    (Original post by JJB237)
    Hey not sure if there is anything like this but I'll just put it out there.

    I am putting this out for all the medicine applicants who are in a gap year but have failed to get in (hence the title). I know there must be more than just me or this would pointless.

    So I'll start by sharing stats, how each of my applications went (hint there failed) and what I'm now going to do.

    Stats (for those who love stats)
    - 4 A*, 3 A, 2 B and 1 C at GCSE (nothing too exciting)
    - 4 A, AS level
    - 3 A*, A2 (how did i mess it up with that)
    UKCAT: 697.5

    My application this year
    - Cardiff (rejected pre-interview no reason yet)
    - Newcastle (post interview still waiting on feedback)
    - Nottingham (cutoff went from 39 to 46 i had 44...)
    - Leicester (post interview messed up three stations had 74/144)

    And now I'm going to take York biomed and think of it as a stepping stone to medicine if that is what I still want in three years. Also in Nepal atm doing medical work experience and other lovely stuff.

    Hopefully someone will reply or at least read it to make them feel a little better!
    I wouldnt even take the biomed offer, If your sure you want to do medicine then apply again because you proved you can get to interview, now its just about applying to your strengths and improving your interview techniques (this is all about getting the practice in and realising where you went wrong).

    As for Cardiff you got rejected pre interview because you scored way below the cut off score of 26/27 (which is the equivalent of 8A* and 1 A grade) for an interview, this scoring system was clearly laid out in all admissions policies for cardiff and on the threads on here along with previous years cut off scores, so my best advice is before you apply to anywhere make sure you look high and low for admissions information as it really can be the difference between an interview or not.

    Apply again and improve your interview technique and you will be absolutely fine.
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Updated: July 31, 2016
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