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Latin OCR GCSE - Set Texts

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    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you had any ideas on how to memorise the Nisus and Euryalus & Pliny the Elder set texts. I'm finding it pretty hard to memorise so any techniques/methods would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Omg someone else is doing Nisus!!

    So I'm a kinaesthetic learner so I act it out kinda and divide it into very very many sections ( I think I'm on 50 mini sections) and recite and it sticks in

    My friend recites and reads it daily but no body got time for that

    I'm not doing Pliny I'm doing Cicero but I'm sure the same techniques apply

    I am doing Virgil and Pliny too, book 9 of the Aeneid, avunculus meus and tres feminae. I find memorising it time consuming but I just write it out and say one line, memorise it, say the next line and then say both of them together and continue like that. I find this method helpful for me but I know my friends have other ways of memorising it for example, they write out the English on alternate lines and fill in the Latin in the middle and they write these on flashcards.

    But I personally don't look at the Latin whilst memorising the English but I make sure that I am able to tell which bit of the English matches the Latin by focussing on a few words that stand out from the Latin (I don't know if this makes sense). Then I learn the analysis separately with the Latin alone.

    (Original post by PlinyTheElder)
    Hi guys, I was just wondering if you had any ideas on how to memorise the Nisus and Euryalus & Pliny the Elder set texts. I'm finding it pretty hard to memorise so any techniques/methods would be appreciated. Thanks!
    I'm doing exactly the same papers as you! I just say them over and over and over again out loud until I can do it off by heart. But you don't have to do that - there are people in my class who can translate it if they see the latin, but can't recite it all in one go. Both work just as well I think.

    The best thing to do is make sure you know the meanings of the individual words in Latin - not just a massive chunk of translation - because otherwise you will be unable to do the 10-markers effectively. Doing that also helps with the whole translation, I find, as it's easier to piece together.

    Good luck

    Bro you cant. thats the thing. Its latin. just give up .... is what you are thinking right now
    stop thinking like that and just get out and stare at that paper until the fire in your eyes cause the paper to burn.
    And that son... is how u dont get a U in latin.
    if u think u cant memorize it, you are subconciously putting yourself in a place where u can't imagine ur self doing it. if u can't, well,
    ur brain will think tis not worth. ctrl + alt +del

    How do you successfully answer eight markers I struggle with them so much

    (Original post by TakingMyTimeOnMy)
    How do you successfully answer eight markers I struggle with them so much
    Eight-markers are, in my opinion, the hardest part of the exam!

    I'd say that the most important thing to do is leave enough time to answer it fully (but equally don't waste time on the eight-marker that you should be spending on the ten-marker and other questions)

    I can't remember precisely, but I think my teacher said aim to spend a minimum of twelve minutes on it (but don't go too far over that)

    Make sure you know the text well enough that even if you can't conjure up the word by word translation, you know the story well enough to reference it closely (eg rather than direct translating 'he launched warships; he himself embarked, not only to bring help to Rectina but to many' you could just say 'when Pliny leaves his home of relative safety, he embarks on a mission to save as many people as he can' - this shows his heroism blah di blah - just saying Pliny rescues lots of people isn't really detailed enough)

    Make sure you make at least six points, but more if you can.

    If it is the Pliny Set Text, and the question is very general, make sure you refer to all three texts! (obviously, if it is only about Pliny the Elder, or only Arria, then don't do that)

    I make a quick jot-down plan of what each paragraph will be about , and that is essentially my introduction in my answer.

    Hope that helped - good luck!
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Updated: April 13, 2016
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