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Euthanasia - a solution to suffering?

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    Yes - it can end suffering
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    I would say yes but we need to determine the safeguards first before we jump the gun. We have to make it as safe and as protected as possible. Things like quality of life, physical and mental health need to be assessed. Especially in cases where the person in question might not be able to communicate as clearly with us.

    (Original post by neb789)
    So would you say its more about protecting jobs?

    I'd say it's more about making sure that the people given power in a situation which could end up with someone dead are those with the most expertise in alleviating suffering and caring for people at the end of their life. If we bring in a law that automatically stops those with the most experience and expertise in EOL care from being involved in EOL care then you're essentially setting up a situation where EOL care becomes focused on ending life and not on caring. The majority of people offering palliative care would have no expertise in the alternatives to PAS. Logistically that is a ridiculous situation. The post I replied to was stating that "doctors would be ok to do this" - I was pointing out that actually they're not ok, there's a lot of evidence to suggest that the majority disagree with PAS or similar schemes and that this objection is strongest from those people with the most experience in end of life care.

    My personal objections to euthanasia or PAS are more broad ranging: http://lisybabe.blogspot.co.uk/2014/...screaming.html sums some of them up much better than I've ever managed.

    I work in critical care. We often reach a point where treatment is futile and treatment is withdrawn. The various support systems and drugs we have running are gradually withdrawn with the knowledge that the patient will subsequently die following the removal of this treatment. This is done because treatment is futile, the patient is going to die and all we would do by continuing treatment is prolong suffering. So I suppose, in a way, we already do this within the confines of the law, however it's a cessation of treatment rather than actively administering something to end someone's life.

    Palliative care in this country isn't the best it could be. It started off as something that was more of a speciality confined to cancer specialists, but is starting to broaden and patients have better access to services at the end of life. It's something that we're going to need to get a lot better at with an ageing population, but some of the best guidance and pathways we used to use have been removed following misuse by some practitioners and a hysterical campaign by the tabloid press. People should be able to expect good quality end of life care, with pain and anxiety well managed, with any distressing symptoms of their illness completely under control. I think if we were better at this, many people might not see as AS or euthanasia as their only option to avoid suffering.

    On the flip side of this, there are some horrific diseases where your body fails yet your mind keeps going, such as motor neurone disease or locked in syndrome as people have already mentioned in this thread. I have a friend who lost a parent to MND, and I can completely understand why anyone would want to choose to die over the suffering that a disease like that can cause.

    For anyone posting on here stating that they would rather die than suffer can your please PLEASE take half an hour to complete an Advance Decision (living will) form and notify your next of kin that you have done this.

    They're really quick to complete and can make things a lot simpler and clearer for both your loved ones and health professionals if the worst happens.

    http://compassionindying.org.uk/libr...decision-pack/ is a free pack with a template or you can customise your own. It's so easy to do there is no excuse for not making your wishes clear.
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