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    What are the professional conduct and ethics in a solicitors firm. For example in this one:

    Yesterday, Rafa had a meeting with a new client Sara, who claimed that she has been bullied and harassed at work and has received many anonymous threats about her looks and size, on her work email. She believes the on line threats are coming from Sheila Hunn, the office manager, the same person who is bullying and harassing her directly at work. As Rafa was listening to Sara, her mind drifted off and she felt herself becoming very tearful. She confided in Sara that she really related to what Sara was telling her as she too was feeling harassed at work. She said that she felt overworked and underpaid. She was highly critical of her firm and felt work was not handed out fairly as younger members of staff like her, were asked to do everything and anything regardless of whether or not this was their area of expertise. Notwithstanding this, Rafa told Sara that even though this was not her usual area of work, she would take on her case and she should come in the next day.

    After the meeting, Rafa regretted telling Sara about her problems and confidential matters concerning her firm and she decided to telephone Sara. Without thinking, she called Sara’s work number, not her home number. Sara was not present at her desk, so Rafa left a voicemail message, as follows:
    ‘Hello Sara, this is Rafa Manson from Holywell Solicitors. I’m just ringing to confirm our meeting tomorrow and to assure you that I do feel I can help you with the many serious issues of bullying that you obviously have at work and the terrible harassment on line. Please bring with you all your evidence- emails, etc. Thank you.’
    The following day, Sara came to see Rafa and told her that she had been sacked. Sara explained that she has no idea why. Immediately, Rafa realised what she had done remembering the voicemail message to Sara’s work the day before. She decided not to say anything to Sara about this, but expressed concern at Sara’s situation and said she would do everything in her power to sort out the employment and harassment problems. She has told Sara that she will make sure she keeps her fees as low as possible.

    Does this mean Rafa not followed the Solicitors code of Conduct?

    Just go through it line by line and identify the issues. If you were the client what would you not be happy about the service you received and her actions? I assume this is LPC?
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Updated: March 31, 2016
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