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Therapist called me "handsome" and such like...what to think?

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    I've been seeing a Psychotherapist in private practise for about a year or so, mostly, for emotional issues- work-related stress, depression, low self-esteem, and primarily, social anxiety/awkwardness.

    I'm coming to the end of the treatment really, as I am moving away to reside elsewhere- which of course is emotionally taxing- as I have developed a bond with therapist.

    She really has helped me a lot, and its sort of crept up on me- for some time it was intensive and very difficult, and while my problems are far from solved, I am much more stronger about who I am, I can take compliments more readily and I am confident (somewhat).

    Told her I would be leaving last week to move, and with that I was near tears, she explained to me that she feels a bit that way too, and that of course she's gotten to know me well as a client, and she's seen the journey I've been on.

    She then said "your a very handsome young man" and smiled at me, while then been complimentary about my smile.

    I am unsure as to what to think, whether this is part of the therapeutic process or something odd to say?

    I wouldnt think into it too much. looks like just a compliment and she means it, more of you might have been dealing with anxiety and self esteem issues, but really you dont have much to worry about. Its a compliment, inless ofc she came and sat on your lap is sexting you, or sending you lingeri shots, then that would have crossed boundaries.

    Handsome is just a compliment and I wouldnt think anything more of it.

    It's normal for your therapist to miss you a little as well if you have a good relationship and it's normal for them to be nice about ending the relationship, e.g. giving you a few compliments. It doesn't mean anything, it was just her trying to be nice and give you a little boost.
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Updated: April 1, 2016
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