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Best gaming headset?

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    Hi all,
    My Medusa 5.1 surround headset has died on me, I think ive blown the sub woofers in them.
    Can anybody recommend a good gaming headset? I've given up with surround sound headsets as they seem to be a gimmick, and I'll be moving out soon, so I'll just be using them on my laptop.

    Thanks all.

    Logitech Precision Gaming Headset £18.92 inc VAT
    Has been given 4/5* reviews by all the purchasers.

    Should be very good, at that price i wouldnt complain but i doubt its on par with something like the razer barracuda.

    The Professional Multi-Media Headset from Game is pretty good. Although provided that the only other one I've ever used was my X360 one, I'd still recommend the PMMH. And for only £10 (even less if you have saved reward points, NUS card, etc), you can't really go wrong.

    I hear very good things about this one: http://www.pointofview-online.com/de...content_id=164 and it's the main one that I plan on getting.

    Sennheiser HD555's

    Extremely good for pinpointing sounds in specific directions

    (Original post by estel)
    I hear very good things about this one: http://www.pointofview-online.com/de...content_id=164 and it's the main one that I plan on getting.
    looks expensive, is it?

    and the PMMH is really great value for money, mine worked till i accidentally tripped over the cable. then the mic stopped. lasted at least a year an a half i think.

    £44 including delivery on a few websites

    Sennheiser HD 555 , ICEMAT Siberia or Steelsound H5V2. They're about 50 quid each and they are by far one of the best headsets for gaming. Don't go for steelsound if your going to listen to music because the quality is bad but if your after improving gameplay in lets say CS 1.6 then go for it. I personally recommend the HD 555.


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