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Will Burundi descend into civil war?

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    Burundi has a long history of internal conflict, having emerged from a devastating twelve-year civil war in 2005. Widespread violence has once again erupted across Burundi since President Pierre Nkurunziza, in the face of popular unrest, announced his intention to seek a third term of office in April 2015. The government refused to enter into peace talks with the opposition in early January, and there are fears that the situation could quickly escalate into civil war.
    This article briefly explains the conflict:
    Particularly worrying is that Burundi has a similar ethnic makeup to neighbouring Rwanda, where there was a gruesome genocide in 1994. Do people think the situation will escalate?

    (Original post by G8D)
    I don't even know where Burundi is so who cares.
    Are you American?

    (Original post by G8D)
    I don't even know where Burundi is so who cares.
    So you didn't care about the Rwandan genocide because it's next to Burundi?
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    Fairly worrying: "Survivors warn that, as the violence spirals and rumours grow of opposition militias training in neighbouring countries, a government fearful of losing its grip has resorted to the poisonous ethnic propaganda that fuelled the country’s past wars and the genocide in neighbouring Rwanda."
    It's odd that this crisis has received very little coverage around the world.
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Updated: April 11, 2016
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