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How do I lodge a complaint against a lazy and pretentious lecturer?

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    I have a unit coordinator who does not teach but demands students to study the materials prior to every lesson. Students are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours to complete the exercises and revise the textbook and notes. During the lesson, students have to complete a self assessment test and a group practical session and the grades are taken into account. The self assessment test consists of a few multiple choice questions and the unit coordinator would ask his teaching team to embarass those who failed the test. Feedback is minimal. Besides, the unit coordinator and his teaching team would penalise students for minor mistakes like talking, failing to wear name tag, failing to bring declaration form( Yes, students have to declare that they are behaving ethically).

    I am paying $2800 for this module and I don't feel that I have learnt a single thing from the lecturer since he does zero teaching. What is making me fed up are those stupid rules and the fact that I have to do so much self study when I am paying so much tuition fees. It is a very inefficient method of studying. Group practical might be interesting at times but feedback is non existent.

    What should I do? Should i approach the student support association which deals with academic matters?

    Your uni should have a complaints procedure in place for things like this?

    You're an adult so you should be able to manage following simple rules like wearing a name tag and not talking when you shouldn't be. Many workplaces will have small rules you have to follow. I can see why it's frustrating to pay to be taught and not actually receive any tuition.

    Sounds like the student support association would be a good place to start, if they cant help they should be able to point you in the right direction. Though it may be you just have to put up with it and do the best you can.

    Sounds like it could be a cultural thing. Which country are you studying in?

    If you were in the UK, I'd recommend raising this with your Student Union rep. However, independent learning is a major part of university study in the UK, so the learning/testing methods you describe wouldn't be grounds for complaint. In order to complain about things like atitude or setting out to deliberately embarrass students, you would have to produce proof, such as emails. Either that, or a large number of students would have to make and/or support that complaint.

    You should have a course rep who will go to faculty with such problems, however if it's as bad as you're saying I would be surprised if they haven't received this complaint numerous times before.
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Updated: April 1, 2016
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