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What is better natural beauty or make up beauty?

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    (Original post by loveleest)
    I don't agree. I know a lot of naturally pretty girls.
    Just judging it on what I personally look like and the girls I know, other than that you wouldn't really see or take note of other girls without any..

    (Original post by Stargirl489)
    It's funny how most of the people saying natural beauty are probably the same guys who obsess over celebrities and models like Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian for example who probably wear insane amounts of make up and get surgery done etc. So if natural beauty is so much better why do so many people consider these celebrities as their physically ideal woman. The truth is naturally beauty isn't better because only a small amount of people have it, and if every girl in the world ditched all their make up and went natural well some of your perceptions of women would be ruined anyways. So stop pretending that you don't like women with make up because that's bullsh-t.
    Interesting post

    Its not wrong to say natural beauty first, because everyone would like to achieve things without the need to enhance. As you point out not everyone is so blessed, but I do think its better for those who have it.

    That doesnt mean women dont look great with make up, its just different and if done properly can be a big plus. Its quite possible to like both, bit if asked to make a choice, then to do so.

    I'm happy that the woman is happy with whatever she chooses and does it for herself.

    Ps never obssessed over either of those.
    PPs no problem with plastic surgery if thats what they want, but you cna end up looking very strange if you overdo it.

    For me, I like natural looking make up. On good skin days I prefer to not wear foundation + just have a minimal amount of concealer, then eyeliner + mascara + sometimes lipstick. It's caky looking foundation which I can't stand really!!

    (Original post by Biryani007)
    Just judging it on what I personally look like and the girls I know, other than that you wouldn't really see or take note of other girls without any..
    Umm thats not necessarily true but ok
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Updated: April 1, 2016
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