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Cosmetic fillers

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    Opinions on lip and cheek fillers?

    I mean it is entirely your decision, but personally I wouldn't get it done.

    The trend right now is to have the big lips (i.e Kylie Jenner), but beauty standards change, and you don't want to end up with something you will hate in a couple months time.

    obviously it might be because you have always been secure over that feature, and if so then if it makes you feel better and you are aware of the risks than do what makes you happy.

    I myself actually considered lip fillers for my top lip, and i am so glad I waited a couple months and i am now perfectly happy with the way my lips look naturally.

    Why dont you try the temporary ones that only last a couple weeks, and if you really like them, then consider the more permanent ones.

    Regarding cheek fillers, i dont have any knowledge of the procedure, in fact I didnt even know you could have such a thing done haha !

    I disagree with the comment above, especially with lip fillers as all lip fillers are actually semi permanent. You can get them topped up and they can last nearly a year but they have to be topped up to maintain them otherwise they dissolve completly.

    I've considered and wanted lip fillers for a long time and think that they are expensive, yes, but if you don't like them they will slowly go back to the way they were. Plus, well trained cosmetic surgeons would listen to what you want rather than just giving you fish lips, if you want a natural look they'd only use say 0.5ml of product or half of what they'd use for a bigger look.

    It all depends on what you want and I'd definitely have lip fillers. With cheek fillers, I think they can look good but they scare me a little bit and I'd rather just use makeup lol.
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Updated: April 6, 2016
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