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Zimbabwe deadline for firms to be black-owned passes

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    (Not April Fools btw )

    A Zimbabwe deadline for all firms to transfer most of their shares to black Zimbabweans has passed, but it is not clear how many have complied. The government had said that companies should meet the requirements of a 2008 indigenisation law by the end of March. Theoretically, non-compliance could lead to a company losing its license.

    This was a key part of Robert Mugabe's 2013 election campaign.

    The indigenisation plan for businesses echoes the country's land reform programme that started in 2000. At that time, the process of transferring around 4,500 farms held by white commercial farmers distributed to nearly 170,000 black Zimbabwean families began.

    This has been widely blamed for causing Zimbabwe's economic collapse.


    And this is not an April fools.

    Woah, this is exactly the same as South Africa's black supremacist.

    Black-nazi is on the rise!


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    I sincerely hope Mugabe dies a slow, painful death.
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    (Original post by Josb)
    And this is not an April fools.
    The jokes on Mugabe, foreign firms will pull out of Zimbabwe, and skilled non-blacks will leave. Zimbabwe is a failed state. It's already pretty dependent on international aid, though I wonder why anyone would give aid to them

    (Aid, not AIDS btw, Zimbabwe already has plenty of the latter )
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Updated: April 1, 2016
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