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B959 - Hitlor Must Fall Bill

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    (Original post by Little Toy Gun)
    If this was real life, the catholicism restoration would have been able to create a bigger backlash against religions, especially christianity, pushing the UK more towards atheism.

    And yes, Hitlor would fall and Hitlor should fall as I have clearly stated why so I'm not sure what your point is. Have I thought of the 'implication' of this bill, ie the only point of the bill? You also clearly missed the reference of '...Must Fall' here.

    You're simple minded on so many levels I'm not going to bother responding to you any further.
    Public attitudes are on a different level to the law. If women are forced to stay at home, and committed couples are in prison, then there are clearly some issues.

    What gives you the right to decide how others live their lives? It sounds like you're simply jealous of a women that has a considerable fanbase.

    I'd like to remind you that I'm a Literature student, indicating that I at least have some cognitive skills. These Bills would indicate that you are fairly simple minded in all honesty; I can't help but feel that you're a jealous, petty 13 year-old with no social life.

    Live and let live, maybe even post Bills addressing topical and relevant issues that today's society face.

    (Original post by Whiggy)
    I don't need to, in all honesty. Have you thought of the implications of these Bills?

    If they passed, homosexuality and women's rights would be abolished, and a recording artist would have lost a large proportion of her fan base. Sure, this isn't real life, but it doesn't give the MHoC a good reputation now, does it?
    It is, to use yoof speak - for the s**** and giggles.
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    This is in cessation.
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    Since not enough time remains for division, this item has been automatically withdrawn.
Updated: April 9, 2016
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