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imperial MRes Biomedical Research vs UCL MRes Bioscience?

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    Hi. I have been offered a place without funding in both of the universities. I am still deciding which one I should take. Please tell me which one you will choose if you were me...
    P.S. I am interested in epigenetics (especially DNA Methylations).

    UCL :
    I am leaning a bit towards UCL. First it is 1 project for a year, so I think it would be easier to get published(?). I also skyped with this professor in UCL who is doing DNA methylations in cancer and his research sounds interesting. I was aiming for a PhD in his lab, however due to uncertainties in funding (i am charged the oversea fees), i applied for the MRes bioscience "developmental and stem cell research stream" as a plan B.

    Imperial is more prestigious in research in biological field. It has 2 seperate projects, each half a year, in 2 different labs. I thought it would not be as good because it would limit my chance to get published (i think), however a PhD friend provide another view that 2 projects will allow me to be exposed and to learn different techniques/experimental approach, which would widen my options when applying for PhD. There are also projects regarding epigenetics in breast cancer, however I have not been in touch with the professors. Imperial is also 5000 pounds more expensive.

    Any thoughts??

    Go with the institute that does the research your most interested in and of course think about costs if they're an issue. The point of an MRes definitely is to gain skills and experience and learn new techniques but it would help more if you did your project with someone you want to do your PhD with. Have you checked that they'd be in a position to take on a PhD student when you finish and discussed funding options with them? Please don't choose solely on whether or not you'll get a publication. Publications can take years to put together and the chances of a masters student getting on one are slim unless most of the work is already done.

    woohoo I'm gonna be in for Stem cells and DB stream as well!

    I was kind of in the same situation choosing between Imperial and UCL.

    I decided UCL after talking to the academics there. The primary reason for choosing in favour of UCL was that they allows us to take up additional courses such as programming. I thought this would be a useful skill to have since some of recent and interesting reaserach (to me) were done using mathematical modelling and such. Employability would benefit too of course.
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Updated: April 29, 2016
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