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Could i get an infection under piercing

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    I made a post about this under a different name, but this is wat happened.i pierced my ears but pierced it too high up so i decided to let it heal.what i used wasnt dirty but it wasnt the cleanest either. I burnt it for 10 seconds and used antibacterial cleaning liquid to clean it. After i pierced it i touched it only a few times but i didnt touch many things before touching my ear. In 2 hours it healed but it fella irritated and when i touch the pierced spot, it doesnt hurt, but it hurts the same way skin feels 30 minutes after its scratched. I was wondering if it can be infected even though it healed (under skin).

    Btw i used a screwdriver and if anyone who saw my other post sees this, I USED A TINY SCREWDRIVER BECAUSE I COULDNT FIND A SAFETY PIN. I DIDNT DO IT AT A SHOP IS BECAUSE WHERE I LIVE THERE ARENT MANY SHOPS AROUND ESPECIALLY NOT PIERCING SHOPS AND THE SCREWDRIVER IS REALLY SMALL AND THIN ITS BETTER THAN A SAFETY PIN WHICH IS USUALLY REALLY THIN. I hope that answered all of your stupid :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:ing questions bunch of dickheada

    Yep, you could get an infection. You really ought to only ever get piercings done by professionals. That means not doing it yourself or going to Claire's accessories. Tattoo parlours are worth checking out.

    I appreciate that there are few shops around, but still don't do them yourself. It really is stupid and you risk getting septicaemia.

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Updated: April 1, 2016
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