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Dealing with depression/body dysmorphia

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    I need some help. I'm sixteen, and have been in and out of periods of real sadness and self-consciousness.
    Recently, I have tried to look into why I continuously think about my appearance, and after some googling, I found that it sounds like I'm suffering with body dismorphia. I'm chubby, and I always have been, but recently I've been comfort eating a load because school is really demanding and stressful, and I eat instead of doing anything harmful to myself. I struggle to stop eating and feel huge amounts of guilt and regret after eating. I've got a really unhealthy relationship with food and it feels so impossible to change it. I've got beautiful slim sisters and a tiny, pretty best friend, so I find it really hard to feel good about myself. I use the treadmill every school morning for about 10 minutes, but it hasn't really changed my weight. Whenever I eat small amounts, I always end up binge eating afterwards. I feel so stuck and it's terrible. I know the solution: eat less, but despite knowing what I should be doing, I continually don't do it.
    Also, I have weirdly shaped teeth (there's a name for the condition) - it's a hard characteristic to embrace because it stops me from being able to talk, laugh and smile freely. You can imagine how restricting it feels! Dental caps are too expensive for my mum (about £400 per tooth) and it hasn't been confirmed that they are available on the NHS, despite its drastic effect on my daily life.
    All of this in mind, I want to be truly happy in my skin because I can just imagine how degrading prom will be when I feel like I look like :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:, woo. I've gotten a bursary to attend boarding school for A-Levels so i would love to be mentally strong and confident for that! I struggle to live without thinking about how I look and how I have failed myself.

    In short, I want to ask anyone if they've been through body dismorphia, and how they dealt with it? Do you recommend me to see a doctor, to be prescribed any medication to help me? Or shall I let it pass like a stage of teenagehood and just hope that o won't be too broken to function? I've been stuck in this cycle for a good three years but it's gotten too intense for me now.

    I'd go and see your GP. He or she will help you access the necessary support. There are organisations that exist to help people like you. Young minds has information and support available. They are experts in teenage mental health so you can get information that you can trust.

    If you ever need to talk, call childline on 0800 1111. They have expert listeners. Calls are free. They will be able to give you any information you need.

    The Samaritans helpline may also be of use. Call them at any time. They don't just deal with people who are suicidal. They help people with all sorts of problems. They will listen to you and give you the appropriate support.

    It's absolutely not just a teenage thing. It is a serious condition. Don't start dieting if you have an unhealthy relationship with food. You may have some form of eating disorder coexisting with your body
    dismorphia. It is not something that you have to live with. You will get better eventually.

    It may help you to tell someone you love and trust. If you feel that you can't find the words, show them the post you wrote in the OP. They will understand. It may help if you showed it to your GP as well. Sometimes, writing is easier than speaking.

    Good luck.
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