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Signs of an infection

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    This is my last post about earrings but basically i pierced ny ear with a semi sterilized thin screwdriver. I touched it with clean, but not just washed, hands a few times. I also wore headphones but then i realised i shouldnt but by them i would have got an infection so no point. I decided to let it heal and to re do it after it healed. 1-3 hours later it was fully healed. But i am worried i might have an infection under the healed wound because the scars now feel like bumps and feel mildy tender (sensitive) when i touch it. The scar is also now pinkish red and only noticeable from very close up. I dont have any symptoms of an infection but is there a way to know for sure if i have one under the healed wound?

    Well a scar will go a pinkish red when healing, so if it looks irritated or feels sore then there may be an underlying infection or cause of irritation.

    Honestly you shouldnt have tried to pierce your own ears in the first place without professional help. It doesn't cost much to either go to Claire's or to a piercing shop and have them done properly with the right tools.

    I would not try to re-pierce or re-open the piercing site as you might do more damage than good, I would book an appointment with your GP for good measure to seek professional medical advice.

    If there is no causes for concern, but you would still want your ears pierced, then PLEASE go to a professional and have them do it properly
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Updated: April 2, 2016
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