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Am I being an idiot, does she want me to ask her out?

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    I've noticed this on several occasions, especially when her male friends cut through our conversations, she just ignores them and asks me questions.

    Of course it could be because that particular friend bores her and I'm slightly more interesting (he obviously likes her), but this happens a lot and even with her female friend.

    For example, as soon as I made it to my classroom's corridor she got excited when she saw me. Her male friend mentioned a Rugby game that was on TV the other night and I sked him what he thought about it and she randomly tells me "Oh it was amazing... so glad we won".

    She ended up sitting next to me in the lesson. I continued flirting with her.

    She likes you

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    If you like her, ask her out bro - doesn't get more obvious than that

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    Agree with these 2, go for it dude

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    whilst i agree with those two, i urge you to take caution lool.

    some girls are naturally flirty. there were a lot of these back when i was in secondary school; it pissed me off, because every time i thought to myself: 'ohh. here's a girl that likes me, gets excited to see me and ignores the others for me. lemme see if she wants to grab a bite later with me/go museum with me/a walk on the park during lunch.'

    turns out: i was Always wrong. (this kiind of scenario only happened about 3 times; but i didn't know then what i do now - whatever little amount of experience i have in the matter). but if i were to go back into the past, a word of advice i'd give would be: don't spoil it for yourself bruh. it Seriously isn't worth it. the awkward silences when you get it wrong. the hall-way avoidances. disgusting stares. butt of most conversations with her and her friends (if you're in the same social circle..).

    My point? it isn't worth it. Wait for better clues. i warn you, as my mistakes.. was that i Lost a very close friend of mine this way - because i thought she was interested. if she Really is interested, then she would make it more obvious/would down-right ask you out/get her friends to do so. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin::dolphin: the hints. this isn't a game show.
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Updated: April 2, 2016
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