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Student Finance not paying Tuition fee problem

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    Hi! I’m wondering if anyone can help or give me some help oradvice I am in my in my first year at university I did a foundationcourse (year 0) (meaning my degree will last 4 years rather than the typical 3)I reapplied for student finance for my second year of study. I received aletter saying that I would not be receiving a loan towards my tuition. Aftercalling and finding out why it was because when I first left college in 2010 Iapplied to attend a different university at the time, I attended for theintroduction day before realizing that it wasn’t the right time for me to be atuniversity as I was battling with depression so I left and decided to return 3years later which is where I am now. I have explained to student finance that Isuffered from depression and that was my reason for leaving and have gotten aletter from my GP confirming this but I’m still a little worried regarding thismatter. Has anyone had something similar or have any advice?

    So, how many years have you been at uni for? You get length of course + 1 - previous years study. Your post, if I'm reading it right, is suggesting you did a course in 2010, which you dropped out of, a foundation year and now you're in year 1? Which makes no sense, given the formula.

    Have they explained in more detail why they won't pay?

    Give them a ring on Monday or post of the SFE section as the guy from SFE is very good.. It just sounds like their records think you have used up all your finance by attending the degree in 2010. They can check their records to show they in fact never financed you during that period and hopefully that will clear everything up.

    You arent clear though that if you went for the induction day whether SFE will have paid money for your fees because that might have used up one of your three reoamining years SFE agree to finance. Someone needs to check out your file and as they are closed try not to worry.
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