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A level choices!!

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    (Original post by brandonsadler)
    Thanks it has helped actually, so i'm definately going to scrap the idea of taking health and social care haha, i think i'm going to have to have a look at the maths A level course and see whether i could cope for just one year and then drop it after the AS, is sociology not an option? Because if i was going to take either the english langauge and lit course or the sociology one, i'd probaly pick sociology because it would ease my hate for essay exams as the content is more interesting.
    Thanks so much for your help!!
    You could pick Sociology, it's a really interesting subject (personal opinion) and I also picked it as one of my A-level options. Out all of my A-levels it is the easiest subject. Not necessarily valued, but not under-valued either. Your other science subject choices are solid and highly valued so picking Sociology shouldn't be a problem! Plus with Sociology you won't have the stress of writing 2 courseworks of 1500 words each and reading books and the poetry Anthology as is the case with English! You could even carry it on to A2 in addition with your other 3 subjects as it is quite easy once you've mastered how to structure the essays. It is a subject where you can interlink material from different units, which is quite handy!

    Hope you enjoy your subjects and sixth form no matter what you pick. I could also help you with Sociology when the time comes as I achieved an A (100%) in both AS exams.
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    Hope you enjoy your subjects and sixth form no matter what you pick. I could also help you with Sociology when the time comes as I achieved an A (100%) in both AS exams.[/QUOTE]

    Aw thank you so much you've been a great help and that is so kind, i'm going to have a chat with some teachers when i get back to school and will make a decision then.
    Thank you

    (Original post by brandonsadler)
    Aw thanks, thats actually really interesting, so did you only take 3 A Levels? Because at my school i got put into the group which could take 4, which is why i'm so confused about what to do for that 4th option, as the first 3 i chose the 3 sciences. In the 4th block there is maths, geography, english language and literature, sociology and health and social care. Obviously maths is the one i'm having the problems with, geography i didn't take at GCSE, the english lit and lang is a combined course of both of them so isn't actually classed as a facilitating subject, and then sociology i would probaly enjoy the content and things, but i was told it's lots of essays and things which i could do, but i dont know whether i'd get a good grade in it as my essay writing skills in exams tend to slip a little. Any advice?
    Thanks so much!!
    Nope I did 4 subjects at AS the fourth being sociology- it only worked in my favour because I got full marks on the AS.. Trust me sociology is super easy and enjoyable you can easily get full marks on it
    You could probably do that, but it mainly depends on your 3 main a levels and the AS can be something else..
    There's a blacklist somewhere of subjects online you can check that out

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