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Advice on grades and medicine.

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    (Original post by Rlh7808)
    A*, A, A (predicted in my A2s this summer - bio, chem included) BUT a C in AS Maths. Was considering making a medicine application but of course would end up with a gap year in between.

    How badly do you reckon that C will impact on my application to study medicine? Considering there are many courses that ask for an A at A2?
    Would be great if anyone else could let me know if they've been in a similar situation/have any advice. Would it be better to take one of my uni offers for this year then apply for graduate entry medicine after?

    - If it makes any difference, my GCSEs were fine for medicine - 7A*s, 2As
    Only one college at Cambridge wants your three A2s to include maths, no where else cares about maths.
    You'll have to do your research, some places are happy with a c in your 4th AS or don't look at it at all. It will exclude you from places that want a B or higher but generally you should still have a few places you can apply.

    Definitely do NOT aim for GEM if those are the grades you get at A2!

    It really depends where you apply as it's different for different uni's - some require your AS subject as a B whilst some only require a pass (E and above)
    I'd say doing research into the different medical schools on how important the AS is.
    It shouldn't hold you back really at all though as if you get your A2 grades you've already met the grade requirements of pretty much all the medical schools - except Cambridge which have to be extra with their A*A*A -_-
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    Thanks guys - I was just under the impression that even unis that asked for and E and above in the fourth AS would have enough applicants with an A?

    (Original post by Rlh7808)
    Thanks guys - I was just under the impression that even unis that asked for and E and above in the fourth AS would have enough applicants with an A?
    Hey! If unis say they only require you to have a fourth AS as a pass or as a C grade, then that's all you need to apply with. Yes, there will be other applicants with an A grade instead, but a university can't penalise you for meeting the minimum threshold that they have proposed. The application process is very competitive but please don't let that put you off. You can still get in with a strong personal statement and reference! Good luck in meeting your predictions
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