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Do you think that america is the worse country on earth?

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    It's the worst good country. That's basically what you mean.

    It's like saying you're the tallest dwarf or the shortest tall person.

    The holy hair thinks it is the best country. All hail the hair!!!!

    Not the worse country, no. Still have a lot of issues that need to be sorted out though.

    (Original post by karl pilkington)
    As a country it is an awful modern country it's culture kind of consists of hamburgers trucks fat people etc. If you look at a country like China it is relatively modern in it's buildings etc however it has a rich food culture and it's own language. When you think about Russia or India etc most countries have a strong culture etc however as the world's superpower America seems to be such an awful country.
    North Korea, nuff said.
    (Original post by Betelgeuse-)
    I think America given its power and resources is a pretty poor country in many respects. In my view its a 2nd world / developing country
    2nd World is the former states of the Soviet Union.

    (Original post by Plantagenet Crown)
    Not even close, Pakistan and Somalia are much, much worse for starters.
    They don't have a trillion dollar army to arbitrarily kill people with. They are the worlds biggest terrorist.

    Greatest nation in the world.
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Updated: April 3, 2016
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