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Pgce chem

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    Hi all
    have interviews next week just wondering of what type of questions chem applicants have faced?


    I had an interview last week at UEA for chemistry PGCE. At first we introduced ourselves and then we had a group discussion about what makes teaching unique?, a written essay where they'll give you an article where you could either write your point of view or answer the questions (it was to check whether you can write english or not) and finally it was a one to one interview. She asked me questions regarding my UCAS application, grades, placements etc.. and lastly she asked why do I want to become a teacher?

    I have another interview next Monday at southampton university. They pretty send me the questions they would ask me and the layout of the interview. We'll have a group presentation where we were told to prepare presentations of 5-6 minutes about using an article we have seen or read on the news ..relate it to the national curriculum to plan a lesson and explain how we think kids would learn from it!

    They also gave us 3 questions in all 3 sciences that we should be able to explain to key stage 3..followed by a one to one interview and finally 2 written exercises about general knowledge across the sciences which will assess written communication and our thoughts on the importance of science.

    The interview process varies according to the universities you've applied. At UEA, I wasn't told about the layout of the interview unlike Southampton which will give you time to prepare. However, the UEA one went very well and the group I was I was in, were super chatty..hence they gave us all an offer after the interview.

    I do hope that helps.


    I had to write 500 words on the importance of science education in schools (I believe this was more to check if one could write coherent sentences than for content).
    My one-to-one interview was around 'how would you explain to year 10 about x,y and z'.
    I would add that I'll be doing a 12-week SKE as my chemistry knowledge is rusty after 30 years.
    The group interview was about characteristics of good teachers.
    I think they are all a bit different! Good luck!

    Oh and I forgot the 73 mcqs on biology / chemistry and physics (probably GCSE level).
    How did I forget those?
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