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Since my apprenticeship went wrong, something is up with me.

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    I have never been a confident person as I was bullied like mad at secondary school - I also did absolutely awful at school grade wise. I decided to get an apprenticeship, which of course I was nervous at the start (like everyone) but soon I became more confident with travelling, working long hours, lots of independence - no I didn't make loads of friends of anything but I was a quite confident and happy person. I then had an unfortunate experience of my boss not treating me correctly and doing me out a lot of money (which was about 6 months of the end) I wad forced to leave for my own safety (as ballifts were coming in and the business on brink of collapse as-well of being mistreated). I remember the last few weeks I was feeling just stressed-out. The last day was just awful, I honestly thought I was going to collapse having a heart-attack or something when I was walking back to the train. After I left I was relieved but soon struggled as going from starting my working life to having no job or grades and being stuck at home and also having a crazy couple of months trying to get the money I was owed, writing to MPs offering me to see government figures, even being invited to me filmed on TV shows about my experience. I just felt too overwhelmed and wasn't up to doing many of these things, and the thought just made me more stressed.

    I have always wanted to run a web design business, so I setup a web design business which is doing quite well and is growing (all from my room!). However lately I have been feeling really nervous about simple tasks such as walking to the shops on my own, getting breathless and find it hard to relax. Its really effecting me and getting me down now. I keep thinking I have all these health issues constantly. I go through spells of feeling really good and positive but then go through a few weeks of feeling really negative.

    You would need to go and see your GP for a diagnosis. Do tell them about the ups and down swings because that sounds a bit like bipolar, but you need to see a medical professional. If so then they cam advise on strategies and perhaps medication to assist you.



    Good luck with the business and I hope you got some money back.
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Updated: April 2, 2016
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